ARIN is a women’s ready-to-wear brand that represents comfort, style, and quality. Founded in Manila by Art Personas Inc. on 2014, ARIN works on a basis of femininity and masculinity combined.

The brand promotes effortless style, affordability, and originality, above all. These values are presented through laid-back silhouettes, use of custom textiles, and responsible manufacturing. It aims to provide the market with high-fashion clothes by capturing present trends, colors, fabrics, and silhouettes, and translating them into affordable and well constructed pieces. 

All about statement pieces, ready-to-wear fashion for women who lead an exciting, fast-paced lifestyle, ARIN is brand that epitomizes innovative fashion, quality design and utmost comfort.

Established in 2015 by Davao-born designer Bengt Enrique, a graduate of BA Fashion Design in SoFA Design Institute. He participated in various high-profile design competitions. and was also selected as one of Preview Magazine’s Emerging Fashion Talent Awardees (PEFTA). His designs are also being featured in various fashion magazines.

The Bengt Enrique brand offers a modern interpretation of femininity through intriguing silhouettes rendered in innovative textiles, fine craftsmanship and a sense ore refined ease and eccentric elegance.

The brand showcased its debut collection in Manila Fashion Festival which received favourable reviews from critics and was included in various lists of best collections for Spring/Summer 2016.

Considered as one of the most exciting and innovative fashion brand in the Philippines, Randy Ortiz gained national prominence in the early 1990’s when the brand revolutionized men’s wear.

After the brand’s debut, the collection became a fashion staple that made the brand venture into ladies wear. Since then Randy Ortiz became an instant hit with Manila’s fashion scene.

From leggings with cute soda prints, down jackets and vests, as well as Coke can purses, the Coca-Cola company also sells apparel to go with the fizzy drink.

A licensed garment label from Coca-Cola under Albisetti International, Dress Coke is an International label that showcased its collection of trend setting Pret-a-Porter the Black Label & Red Label for the first time in Asia at Manila Fashion Festival.

Dedicated to making apparel driven by competition, passion, excellence for both sports and fashion, Lauquen is an International brand that focuses on sporty fashion clothing, from accessories to shoes even glasses.

With sporty luxe as their main mantra, Lauquen is favoured by the Prince of Monte Carlo when it comes to sportsweear. The brand officially introduced themselves in the Philippines on Manila Fashion Festival.